WGI国際大会2022 Tokyo - 距離の壁を超えて”全世界”で繋がる オンライン&オフラインのハイブリット開催
WGI国際大会2022 Tokyo - 距離の壁を超えて”全世界”で繋がる オンライン&オフラインのハイブリット開催

What is the WGI Conference?

The biennial WGI Conference is hosted by the William Glasser International Organisation, an institution that has been accredited by Dr. William Glasser with a purpose to supporting and sharing ideas for the use and applications of Choice Theory in all areas of society.

The conference is the world's largest conference for the presentation and sharing of case studies of the use and applications of Choice Theory in organizations, schools, families and other settings. It has been held every two years in countries all over the world, and has been attended by hundreds of people from all across the globe, including educators, administrators, counsellors (psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers).
William Glasser International

2022 Tokyo

The WGI International Conference 2022 will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the impact of COVID19 pandemic, the conference will be held in a hybrid format (online and offline). For those planning to attend in person, we have prepared content that will allow you to fully enjoy the culture of Tokyo Japan. Online participants will be able to access the conference from anywhere in the world, and will also be able to participate in a number of interactive sessions.

In addition, we plan to broadcast the convention presentations in an archived format at a later date for all members to enjoy. This information will be shared to all registered prior to the start of the conference?
2022 Tokyo

Conference Theme

Quality Living with Choice Theory

-in Family, Education & Business

We believe that the common desire of all of us who study Choice Theory is to achieve a higher quality of life.
What kind of life will we be living in the future when Choice Theory becomes the global standard? It is a future in which we all live by the concept of responsibility, fulfilling our own needs and helping to fulfil the needs of those around us without external control. In order to realize this future, we have been making efforts to spread Choice Theory throughout our relationships.

Starting from the field of "counselling," Choice Theory has steadily progressed to the fields of business, school education, and adaptation to our daily lives.
Choice Theory is used in a variety of fields. In the business field, it is used as a basic theory of management to realize an organization with both high performance and good human relationships. In the field of school education, it is being used in quality schools around the world to foster independence and creativity, and to raise the sense of self-importance. In daily life, it is used to improve all human relationships, including parent-child and marital relationships.

Choice Theory is now being used and developed in many countries, and a wide variety of case studies have been reported.
The biennial WGI International Conference is truly a gathering place for the latest information in each area of how Choice Theory is being shared.
For the first time in history, the 2022 International Conference in Japan will be held in a hybrid format of online and offline.
The leading authorities in the field of Choice Theory will gather together from all over the world, overcoming the barriers of distance. It will be a "special four days" to discuss the further possibilities of Choice Theory beyond the boundaries of each field.

There is knowledge, examples, and comrades from all over the world that can only be gained here. Let's achieve further "quality of life" together through the four days of depicting Choice Theory and our future.
We look forward to seeing you at JAPAN TOKYO 2022.
Quality Living with Choice Theory
Quality Living with Choice Theory
Quality Living with Choice Theory

Conference Dates

July 27 ~ July 30
Welcome party on the evening of the 27th Conference on the 28th to 30th
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DEADLINE:23:59 7/24