The WGI International Convention 2022 Tokyo will feature keynote speeches
by leading experts in the field of choice theory research and its application,
as well as a number of breakout sessions to share case studies of the use of choice theory based on a wide range of themes.

Session Categories

This is a special time to unravel the history of choice theory, learn about the present,
and envision the future in five categories.

  • History of Choice Theory

    What is the background behind the birth of Choice Theory, and what is the most important thing we should inherit? We will learn from a number of authorities who know the history.

  • Application to Counseling

    It is no exaggeration to say that counseling is synonymous with choice theory. In this course, we will take a deep look at the essence and effectiveness of choice theory from a variety of perspectives, including the foundations of its development, the latest trends, specific examples, and role-play demonstrations.

  • Application to Business

    Choice Theory is indispensable for maintaining good human relations and high performance. In this course, you will learn how to apply choice theory in the business field from a number of corporate executives and managers who have been practicing choice theory for a long time.

  • Application to school education

    School education, where children can exercise their independence, take control of their own lives, and learn how to live a better life, is one of the common themes that countries around the world are seeking. We will discuss the application of choice theory in education, including the efforts of "quality schools" that apply choice theory.

  • Application to local communities and societies

    The community we live in, the community we belong to. These are spaces that are a little bit special, neither our family nor our work. What is the best way to apply choice theory to bring about a better environment where the needs of everyone in the place are met? We will consider this with examples.


Here are the speakers

  • Masaki Kakitani

    President of Japan Association for Choice Theory Psychology

    In 1978, he opened the Kakitani Counseling Center, and in March 1984, he established the Oiso House group home. He is the first Japanese instructor certified by the William Glasser Society in the U.S. in the field of reality therapy, and has been a pioneer in organizing Japan's first "Reality Therapy" certification course, and is still active as a leading expert.

    【History of Choice Theory.】
    The Spread of Choice Theory in Japan

  • Satoshi Aoki

    CEO Achievement Group

    Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido.
    Since the establishment of Achiever Inc. in 1987, he has trained more than 440,000 people and educated more than 5,000 corporate executives, and has produced many companies that aspire to the philosophy of management.
    He has taught 36,574 new students in the Cho-ten e-no Michi" Course, a long-running public course that has been held 700 consecutive times each month for 28 years. He is the author of 61 books, including the "How to Build Confidence That Will Never Break" series, which has sold over 300,000 copies.

    【The Application of Choice Theory in Business.】
    Dissemination of choice theory by producing business leaders

  • Carleen Glasser

    CEO William Glasser, Inc.

    She is the wife of the late Dr. William Glasser, a proponent of Choice Theory.
    After working as a teacher for 12 years, she became a school counselor and came across Choice Theory. Deeply sympathetic to its ideas, she worked as a counselor for 13 years and also began working as a reality therapy instructor.
    She later remarried Dr. Glasser, and together they have been active in a wide range of fields as leading researchers and promoters of Choice Theory.

    【Opening Message.】
    【History of Choice Theory】

  • Rhon Carleton

    Congregational Care Associate Pastor
    Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church


    【History of Choice Theory】
    The Diffusion of Choice Theory in Japan

  • Juan Pablo Aljure

    President of Rochester School (Colombia)

    Quality Schools.
    A Case Study of School Management Using Choice Theory in Rochester Schools

  • Masanao Shibahashi

    Mayor of Gifu Prefecture

    Born in 1979. Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of literature, Department of Humanities. After working for UFJ Bank, he was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 2009, and became the 21st Mayor of Gifu City in 2018.
    He lives his life with the vision of "contributing to people's happiness."
    His catchphrase is "Move Gifu." His major policies include Gifu Station North Redevelopment Project, Meitetsu Elevated Railway Project, Basic Plan for the Development of the Historic Gifu Castle Site, Children First, Work Diversity, and Approachable Welfare.
    Currently, he is re-elected as the 22nd mayor of Gifu City in the February 2022 election.

    【Challenges to Quality Communities.】
    A Case Study of the Use of Choice Theory in Gifu City

  • Brian Lennon

    Chairperson Emeritus, William Glasser International

    A History of the Diffusion of Choice Theory in Ireland?

  • Bradley Smith

    Director of Student Addiction, Recovery &
    Prevention Loyola Marymount University

    Drug addiction, etc.

  • Ivan Honey

    Director, The Get Happier School at Ivan Honey and Associates

    Stress Management of Children in COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Speakers for the breakout sessions are currently under review. We will inform you once it is confirmed.





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