WGI2022 is looking for individual and corporate sponsors.

For four days from July 27 to 30, 2022, comrades from all over the world will visit Japan for a conference to connect the baton of Choice Theory to the future.
We hope that everyone who has a connection to Choice Theory will make the most of this opportunity. We are also looking for sponsors who can help us create the conference in order to host and manage presenters and participants from various countries.
If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below.

List of Sponsorship Plan
Item Individual Corporate
WGI Sponsor Plan Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Number of collection ports 40 people 15 corporations 10 corporations 2 corporations
Sponsorship costs ¥10,000 ¥100,000 ¥200,000 ¥600,000
Name or company name on the conference booklet and website
The right to view the conference session videos at a later date

(Up to 2 people)

(Up to 4 people)

(Up to 10 people)

Receive a book of the choice theory
The special study session by Carleen Glasser, Rhon Carleton, or Dr. Wubbolding.

* The session may be conducted by a different professinal, and it may be online.

1 person Up to 2 people Up to 5 people
Introduction/photograph of keynote speakers and other participants from overseas

(with interpreter)

1 person Up to 3 people
Special priority seating for sponsors at keynote speeches and receptions 1 person Up to 3 people
Introduce (PR) the sponsors in the general session
Access to the VIP lounge 1 person Up to 3 people
Snack and refreshments in the VIP lounge 1 person Up to 3 people
Quality meeting with President Hitoshi Aoki

(to answer your questions about remodeling an organization based on the choice theory)

(Held jointly by multiple corporations, 1 person per corporation)

(Up to 3 people per corporation)

Free invitation slots for sponsor companies to attend 3 slots 6 slots 10 slots